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Georg Kemter


Berlin | D |


As consultant, coach and process-architect I support transformational processes with a clear focus on strategic communication and transformational design. With more than 25 years of management, consulting and creative experience in film, media-, education- and arts management, I have come to the conclusion that a compelling story, combined with an excellent dramaturgy are key to any successful production. Careful casting, development and empowerment of main characters as well as supporting acts makes all the difference between having an ordinary cast versus a truly exceptional team of strong individuals performing with excellence. From my point of view, successful transformational processes can be compared with the work of an artist, who, standing in front of an empty canvas or sitting over a blanc sheet of paper, needs to create his work from the future, tapping into sources which are (yet) unknown. I believe that such people-centric, successful transformational change is one of the key drivers in life and that each individual has the desire, the ability and the will to be an active part of it.

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