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Christina Buck




As a Management Coach and Consultant, I help top media and online companies revision their values, missions and goals in order to transform their brands for optimal return and performance. I challenge companies to expand their perspectives, uncover positive perspectives, and embark into new territory that can lead them to more efficient operations and business success. For more than 20 years, I have guided companies, such as Lycos, AOL Bertelsmann, eBay and Yahoo! to build internal capacity and stimulate business transformation. For the last nine years at Switzerland’s best-known brand Swisscom, I have supported companies through the process of enterprise transformation, as well as provided leadership training as an Executive Coach. I see transformation as not an end-goal, but a reoccurring stage that prefaces all of life’s important growth spurts for companies and individuals alike. In order to cultivate my own willingness to transform, I participate in daily meditation and yoga as a practicing Buddhist.

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