We are living in the age of digitization and disruptive innovation; these words empower some but terrify others. One thing is clear: they threaten the status quo. No leader or organization can navigate such volatility armed only with yesterday’s mind set. To deal with on going volatility, you must develop certain core attributes such as: a clear focus on people, resilience, agility, speed, the ability to innovate, and a commitment to lasting social good.

In the face of technological change, it can be easy to lose sight of the value of human relationships. This is tempting in the short run, but deadly in the long run. To help our clients avoid this trap, we highlight the needs – and strengths – of employees, customers and other stakeholders. We help create a transformational road map that ensures buy-in, commitment and accountability.




Transforming ICT + High Tech.

Reflecting our client portfolio in these converging industries, we have a special strength in A) supporting global executive teams in transforming their entire businesses as well as large business divisions and B) supporting functional CXO’s in transforming their corporate functions (e.g. CIO’s with co-designing and implementing global “IT Strategy + Transformation” programs).

Our clients are often leading in their industries, such as a global leader in enterprise software development and cloud business services; a global leader in printing machinery solutions; a leading European telecommunication services provider and others.


Transforming financial services.

Financial services industries have an unsurpassed pressure for organizational transformation with major triggers being: the global financial crisis and its aftermath; increasing regulatory changes; emerging new market entrants with disruptive business models; changing customer behavior and an increasing preference for mobile solutions etc. Consequently, investments in transformation programs as well as technology solutions have reached a record high.

We support financial services leaders to create the necessary sense of urgency needed, and mobilize their organizations to embark on a journey towards a sustainable transformation culture.


Transforming the Energy Sector.

The energy sector is currently undergoing a major global transformation. The visible evidence of climate change and growing worldwide concerns about the threat of fossil fuels and nuclear power to human health and environmental development, let decision makers and governments consider concrete measures to fundamentally change and restructure the energy supply.

We support leading oil, gas and utility companies on their transformational path, creating the necessary sense of urgency needed, mobilizing their organizations, and helping them to systematically identify and capture business opportunities where others see only insurmountable hurdles.

Life Science

Fast Moving Consumer Goods