If you run a large organization, you must understand that you cannot succeed by ignoring the world around you. Ignored social issues come back to block progress. An enlightened organization must support and promote agile social projects aimed at improving our environment, fostering sustainability, and improving conditions for the socially disadvantaged.

Social Projects We Promote and Support.

Blue Economy

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The future needs Green Economy, Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as holistic innovation and transformation approach. Blue Economy is a virtual platform supporting innovations that create more from less. The Blue Economy platform vision is to respond to the basic needs of all with what we have. A business model designed by Blue Economy aims to put all raw materials of a production process to use in cascading systems. Everything that is not needed for one product is introduced as value-creating input in another process, creating a new cash flow. Detrimental elements are substituted. In this way, jobs are created, social capital is built and income rises – while the environment that provides the basis for our lives is no longer strained and polluted. Thus, business models emerge that continuously reproduce their ecological, economic and social foundations and which consistently embed the design of economic frameworks into an international context. Numerous examples around the world prove that we can imitate nature’s designs, perfected over millions of years, in our own production. These innovations will revolutionize the industries they are applied in, making consumption of those products a positive action. Thus, it becomes possible to live in a sustainable way, responding to all basic needs for water, food, energy, health and shelter.
Blue Economy stands for an innovation and structural policy that combines prosperity for many with the lowest possible ecological impact. More than 100 examples of innovations that show the way in the right direction are presented on the website.

We think Blue Economy is an inspiring example for social transformation with measurable impact.

Social Projects We Promote and Support.




A shared responsibility.When one recognizes how many people in the townships of South Africa are confronted daily with poverty, illness, violence and the spreading Aids epidemic, one also realizes that one has a shared responsibility to act. Florian Krämer and his team have thus decided to play their part in tackling this crisis through founding the children’s project VULAMASANGO in Cape Town. VULAMASANGO means “Open Gates” in Xhosa and has opened it’s doors to orphaned and vulnerable children from the townships in Cape Town, providing them with a new home and a brighter future. Since it was established in 2008 it has bought a beautiful farm plot on the edge of the township of Samora Machel, on which it has so far set up a Crèche (35 children), an After School Care (30 youth), a Wood Workshop (for youth apprenticeships) and a Computer Workshop. Besides education, Florian Krämer and his team are caring about the orphaned children to participate in youth development workshops (sports, music, dance, and creative activities), trauma counseling (informal healing sessions, music therapy, etc.), life-skills trainings (sexual education classes, gender equality workshops, etc.) and many things more.

You may be cowed, when having a look on the project’s website www.vulamasango.org, seeing what Florian Krämer and his team made happen since 2008.

And the concept envisions even more. The sustainability of the project is achieved through organic vegetable gardens, the production of furniture in its Wood Workshop, as well as bi-annual concert tours through Europe with the project’s own youth choir Zabalaza (www.zabalaza.com).

VULAMASANGO is following a truly holistic approach, building and caring about the presence and the future of neglected children every day.

See for yourself on www.vulamasango.org