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Dr. Andreas Hillig


Munich | D |


I am a Strategy Consultant and Entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience managing and supporting corporate transformation processes. I firmly believe business transformation should provide value and impact to companies, markets and customers. My work centers on empowering the internal capacity of companies through stakeholder communication and developed feedback processes. During my support of transformational processes at companies like Nestle, Metro, Unilever or Bayer, I relied on my expertise in organizational design, stakeholder engagement, and voice of the customer analysis to foster enterprise-wide success. In addition, managing a fashion and e-commerce company for 10 years has refined my ability to integrate disruptive business changes with traditional business processes in order to adapt to change and unlock new opportunities. I am passionate about marrying pragmatism with strategy in order to uncover hidden potential for companies and individuals alike. When not busy with business transformation, I enjoy movie nights with my family replete with chocolate and popcorn.

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