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Dr. Frank Edelkraut


Hamburg | D |


Integrity has been my guiding principal in a 15+-year career as an HR Manager and Leadership Trainer. Incorporating new agile methods in HR practices and teaching social cooperation and learning methods has been a key aspect of my success in building the capacity of companies’ workforces. In a complex and ambiguous world, management is challenged to deliver customized, contemporary and fast-paced leadership to employees and colleagues. Although indeed challenging, I see the volatility of the current business landscape as an opportunity to uncover competitive advantages in the form of inclusive collaboration, disruptive innovation, and improved modes of communication. HR has a key role to play in this transformation by helping companies adopt modern business methods that can precipitate effective social cooperation. Looking back on more than fifteen years of project management and leadership training, I find a profound satisfaction from seeing others realize their abilities to develop and grow as valued members of companies and communities.

Mindful Thought.