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Dr. Frits de Vroet


Perth | AU |


I have a keen interest in how technological change impacts organisations and people within those organisations. Too often, technology is treated as separate from the rest of the organisation resulting in disconnected initiatives and isolated programs. In these days of digital disruption, a more holistic approach to business transformation is required. This will impact the organisation’s operating model, culture, processes, systems and people. It requires a different leadership style. I grew up in supply chain management and logistics which provided me with a broad business perspective. After leading operations, consulting, quality and strategy functions, I became an accidental Chief Information Officer. I approach technology issues from a business perspective and drive better application of technology within organizations. For the last 10 years, I have helped organisations in various industries to transform enabling them to disrupt their industry or to react to disruption by others. My work has been with large multinational like DHL, Maersk and BHP Billiton, but also with medium sized players and start-ups. I have lived in Europe (The Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium and Germany) and Asia (Australia, China and Singapore) and worked globally.

Mindful Thought.