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Lena Carlota Stenger




As Change Management & HR Consultant and Think Tank founder, I assist with transformation through successful stakeholder engagement, communication and coaching. My work includes designing and implementing stakeholder-oriented change activities, providing change impulses and creating processes for continuous stakeholder feedback in order to help precipitate successful business transformation. Most recently, my focus has been on supporting clients with re-envisioning HR organizational design towards successful HR Business Partner implementation in order to improve business partnerships and performance. Before embarking with my own consulting business, I worked at Capgemini, a leading business transformation consulting firm, with a diverse set of clients (EON, UBS, AMB Generali, SAP, and ThyssenKrupp). Prior to that, my career at Deutsche Bank HQ exposed me to support global corporate changes that would later influence my focus on change management. I believe in combining systematic and systemic change approaches to achieve optimal value for organizations and individuals dealing with challenging transformative phases. Through my Think Tank project, I hope to delve deeper into questions concerning how to establish changeability as a mindset of companies and its stakeholders.

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