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Marcel Kiessling


ZUG | CH |


Over the course of 25 years in the international machinery industry, I led business units, sales and service organizations in Europe and North America and developed a global services business. Disruptive market changes and unpredictable economic cycles have created the necessity for constant change and adaptation to a new environment, for me personally as well as organizationally. In today’s business world, individuals and organizations have to learn to cope with uncertainty, to quickly understand changes in the marketplace and to act decisively. I believe that the power of people can be unleashed with a seamless collaboration across functions, hierarchies and geographies. This is the prerequisite for a learning organization, with trust, integrity and openness being key ingredients. I am passionate about supporting companies in developing the right spirit in their sales and service teams, encouraging leaders to “walk the talk” and to foster collaboration internationally. People are key in a successful transformation, with the support of adequate structures, methods and processes. In the end transformation has to provide measurable results. When I am not thinking about sales and service performance, I enjoy hiking and climbing in the mountains. This provides me with a great opportunity for self-reflection.

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