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Martin Gosen


Berlin | D |


Curiosity and change have been driving me all of my professional life as a banker, spokesperson, consultant, coach, trainer and interim manager. I strictly believe, that business is about people and shaping relations to colleagues, clients, customers, journalists, investors and stakeholder. Creating corporate identities and cultures as well as establishing, raising and saving reputation during phases of deep change and transformation have become my profession over the last 20+ years. Among others I was significantly involved in different transition projects at Commerzbank, WestLB, Allianz Capital Partners, Federal Ministry of Finance, Deutsche Bahn, Skandia Life Insurance, German Pension Fund, Microsoft, Bundesdruckerei, Aktion Mensch and Coca-Cola. Initialising deep change and transformation is a matter of communications and integrity. It is about creating narratives and visions that inspire people and help them to overcome fears and uncertainty, gain satisfaction and let them work together with pleasure, enthusiasm and confidence. Because sustainable business transformation is more than a one-time transition. It is an attitude.

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