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Michel Sérié




My experience is, there is nothing more constant than change. When I joined SAP I first started as a financial consultant, went thru leading Technology Consulting in Europe and for the last 6 years set up and led the global Service Innovation Function, always keeping the customer at the center of everything we did. Innovation and transformation are my passion, but I also understand and master transferring that knowledge into practical and operational deeds by closely engaging and collaborating with people. I have a hands-on personality with a pragmatic focus of getting things done. As experienced innovation and transformation leaders, our main task is to encourage, coach and mentor colleagues and employees to go above and beyond to reach their best performance. In today’s highly volatile world, great and lasting companies will be the ones that are built to scale and easily adapt to an ever changing environment. To achieve this, we need transdisciplinary collaboration and innovation, effectively connecting people with a business innovation centric approach. I am passionate about supporting our clients to acquire strong innovation capabilities – pivotal for agility, speed and excellence in customer orientation.

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