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Paul Byrne


London | UK |


Digital Business Transformation is my passion, throughout my 20+ year career I always strive for a better way of doing business. In my experience I have observed many times that we over complicate the way we do work. I have had the pleasure of working with many organisations, both large and small, names such as British Airways, Deutsche Post DHL, Monster Worldwide, TNT Express, United Paper Manufacturers, and British Gas, to help them to drive their business to the next level, to industry 4.0 and beyond, I truly believe that people are the organisations greatest strength, the people know their customers better and are often frustrated by complexity. I have found technology to be a great tool but it is nothing without people who make sense of the data and who make business decisions from the information. I want to continue to add value to our clients holistically using design thinking to untangle the complexity and introduce simplicity through their people that will help them to focus on “the what”, to be accountable “the who” to help themselves by simplifying processes “the how” and the transparency “the how far” we have to go.

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