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Regina Rüther

Art Director

Cape Town | ZA |


I am an Art Director who uses the power of visual communication to make a positive difference. I support my clients in creating a constructive environment for people to prosper and achieve unique results, including sustainable development goals. Prior to becoming an independent Art Director and social entrepreneur, I was an Art Director at respected advertising firms, TBWA, BBDO, Scholz+Friends, Grabarz and Partner, Cayenne and Blood, among others. I leveraged my background in creative arts, visual communication, and voice of the customer (VOC) analysis to assist corporate clients such as Siemens, Vodafone, Canon, Lexus, Tchibo, Volkswagon, Goldwell and Schwarzkopf. When not advising clients on creative media, my husband and I aim to make a positive impact in our community through social entreprenurism. We create designer bags out of locally sourced re-used material, and donate a portion of our profits to the community. I aim to use my skills and talents to initiative transformation through inviting individuals to reflect on current practices for further improvement and collective benefit.

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