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Rochelle March

Associate Partner

New York | USA |


My transformation goal is to leverage a holistic approach to sustainability challenges to empower private sector to shift the needle on responsible resource management and collaborative governance. I am a Sustainability Consultant who applies the principles of design and systems thinking to create sustainable business value that can regenerate our environment and communities. For more than four years I have been providing strategic advice on reducing waste, increasing efficiencies and aligning stakeholders to clients across financial services, pharmaceuticals, NGOs and consumer goods. I’ve had the pleasure of working with diverse clients (IMF, Credit Suisse, Lockheed Martin, Dunkin’ Brands, King Khalid Foundation and NRDC) on sustainability strategies that can transform issues into opportunities for improve performance financially, socially and environmentally. I believe change is a natural part of attaining the vast potential inherent in companies, and in the people who compile them. Understanding change to be necessary, positive, and even transformative, is the key to my ability to help companies and individuals make the essential moves needed to unlock hidden value and opportunity.

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