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Stefanie Arnold




I am a Change Management Consultant and Executive Coach with over 20 years of experience assisting companies and individuals create transformational impact. My dedication to people, social change, and finding solutions has guided me in advising a portfolio of Fortune 500 and SME clients. My work covers a range of change management scenarios, including strategy execution, process optimization, organizational redesign, and post-merger integration. I’ve had the pleasure of working with clients such as SAP, Shell, Thyssen-Krupp and several German cooperative banks. In my contributions as a Guest Lecturer, and as part of my Leadership Training curriculum, I stress the importance of the individual and its influence within the greater macrocosm of the company and business environment. I believe change is possible, with each of us assigned a responsibility to make an impact, whatever its magnitude. Aside from my professional activities, I seek to provide further impact by being an active member of the local Lions Club, volunteering at my children’s school, and supporting educational programs for underprivileged school students.

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