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Stephan Leuze




Ever since my childhood, change has been a central theme in my life. I have always been very curious why things are the way they are and what is necessary to change them, if needed. Triggered by this curiosity, I studied psychology, theories of individual and group behavior as well as group dynamics and social psychology, all revealing valuable insights regarding organizational & individual behavior, making it much easier to design and orchestrate meaningful transformation. As Consultant and Line Manager, I fully embrace these learnings in my practice and look at challenges from many different angles, frequently changing perspectives. As transformation consultant I have had the opportunity to work for large and diverse organizations such as AIG, Aozora Bank, Askul, BASF, Johnson & Johnson, NEC, NSC, SAP, UBS and others as well as live and work in many Asian countries (Japan, Australia, Singapore etc.). One common characteristic on those business transformation programs has been to look at and understand individual key players beyond their nationality, culture and professional background. Together with my colleagues, I follow a transdisciplinary approach to mobilize and encourage leaders and employees to try out new ways of thinking and collaborating, thereby supporting their individual transformation as important prerequisite for successful organizational transformation. As I also believe in a holistic flow and balance of energy, I regularly ride bicycle and walk in nature to recharge myself.

Mindful Thought.