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Xavier Tholey


Zurich | CH |


I was born in a field, grew up in factories and will die in a Supply Chain – Supply Chain Transformation is the passion of my life. After 26+ years as Supply Chain Leader with Mars and Unilever, two purpose and principles driven companies, running very large global operations, shaping strategies, building capabilities and developing the best talents in the industry, I have understood “7 truths” about the end-to-end Supply Chain agenda: 1. End-to-end Supply Chain is about stabilizing, collaborating internally and externally and orchestrating data, flows, financials, communications and all people along the value chain 2. In a VUCA world, meaning rather volatile and complex than linear, „4.0 leaders” need a compass to navigate through the complex challenges 3. Like life, a Supply Chain is a social body managing the daily paradox of aspiring to the stability of design whilst promoting the emergence of novelties, so accepting the instability going with it 4. All Supply Chains are under permanent transformation, expecting to become stable and agile at the same time 5. Supply Chain is a people driven function, so transformation is all about people (personal and collectively). Only trust will make people accept the extra-miles, the daily efforts until the emergence of new ways of working 6. Deming x Pareto x Block x Porter x Capra x McChrystal x etc. developed the models for supply chain execution excellence 7. Simplicity is the only way to survive in a complex world With 26+ years of international Supply Chain experience, I am equipped to master any end-to-end Supply Chain Transformation, co-creating the path to excellence, whilst doing good for people, planet and business performance. I enjoy open and honest conversations with people, supporting them turning their dreams into reality. So what are your Supply Chain Transformation dreams?

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